General Messages

Members of the Wichita community have sent messages of gratitude for our area's healthcare workers. The messages below are their words. 

Dear Health Care Workers,

On behalf of so many – I sincerely thank you for your commitment and hard work taking care of those with Covid-19. I am inspired by your sacrifice and dedication to the health of others. I cannot imagine what our city would be like without you. My family and I thank you for taking on such extremely hard work – your efforts are beyond appreciated!

Please take care of yourself!! We need you mentally and physically healthy to take care of others. There is a reason we are instructed by flight attendants to put the oxygen mask on before assisting others. The city of Wichita is indebted to you.

With gratitude,

The Rogers

To the healers,

I’m so sorry for what you continue to endure. I know you’re exhausted, experiencing big T traumas by continuing to care for us all, hurt, and angry.

Know that you are valued, trusted, and loved. Thank you for choosing to show up day after day.



Dear Healthcare Workers,

I don't know how you do it but you always come through. My 85 year old, blind, extremely frail mother had a critical abdominal aortic aneurysm last week. Somehow you got her in, fixed the aneurysm plus two newly discovered blockages, and took care of her in an ICU bed. I always go to the hospital to help her because she takes so much extra care. I couldn't do that this time and I was so worried. But it was okay because you took excellent care of her! She came home less than 48 hours after surgery feeling so much better! It would be understandable to say she had lived a full life and there were younger patients to care for that have a much brighter prognosis. She would be the first to tell you to take care of others first if you can't do it all. 

But you somehow did do it all. Like you always seem to do. I hope at not too high of a cost to you. My mom is a treasure to us and there are no words to adequately  express our gratitude. 

Thank you. Bless you. Please be well,

Lou's kids, grandkids and great grandkids

Dear healthcare worker,

As so many of us humans give in to our instincts and avoid contagious people, you protect yourself as best you can and care for people who could infect you. Not only do you go in and provide care, but you provide compassion for us when we’re at our least pleasant.

Thank you for being one of the helpers who runs toward need and answers it. I’m grateful for you.

With thanks,

A fellow human

Dear healthcare worker,

Thank you for your grace and caring when I came in 2 weeks ago for a covid test. Despite the risk of catching whatever I had, you sat with me, answered all my questions, and made sure I knew how to look after myself at home. 

Thank you also for wearing all that hot, uncomfortable, & tedious PPE to protect yourself so you can help even more people.

Gratefully, A fellow Wichitan

Hello to all the healthcare workers in Wichita! I appreciate your dedication to patients and to your profession. I know the past 18 months have been rough, and we don't know when the tide will turn. But I also know our community would be lost without you.

My heart goes out to you and your loved ones as you all make sacrifices on behalf of the common good. I'm doing all I can to encourage vaccinations, mask wearing, and physical distancing. I have to believe it helps lessen your load.

With abundant gratitude, 

Cindy Kelly

Dear healers: 

I know you are exhausted, frustrated and dealing with your own issues on top of this awful ongoing pandemic. My heart goes out to you everyday. Every time I pass a hospital, an urgent care, or a nursing home. Please know that I, and many others like me, still send you strength and courage for all that you do. I can't imagine how hard your days are. I send you love for caring for those in our community day in and day out. Please remember to breathe and rest when you can. We can get through this, and will get through this. 

Thank you so much, 

Sarah Hill

In the midst of all the suffering and criticism, thank you all for showing up, providing healing and kindness, and dealing with the ignorance and hatefulness. Thousands of us you never see care about you and stand willing to defend you.

With gratitude,

V. Chance

Thank you for everything you’re doing!!! Times are crazy and I’m sure what you’re doing everyday isn’t easy so THANK YOU. 💓💓 Don’t let the anti-maskers jade your love of what you do. We need you and we are grateful for you!


Hilary Louvar

Thank you so much for practicing your profession at this difficult time with courage and compassion. You are no doubt making a huge impact on your patients who survive and especially the ones who don't. Please take good care of yourselves physically and spiritually through this difficult time.


Leah Dannar-Garcia

Appreciate your care for love ones!



Thank you all healthcare workers for your dedication and staying strong for our community.

With gratitude,


Thank you for all that you are doing for the community. I know it has been a long haul but you are doing a great job and an important job for the citizens of the county and state. Hang in there. 


An Augusta Citizen

Dear Hero

Thank you for your commitment to helping others. You probably knew that your career choice of healthcare provider would be difficult at times, but who could have foreseen the chaos we have today? Yet, you persevere. You are not just a hero, but a very special person! Thank you for your leadership!


Retired healthcare executive

Healing angels,

Thank you for your dedication to our collective health. We need you more than ever. There are better days ahead. 

With gratitude,

Cancer survivor 

I so want to thank every one of you for everything you do for the patients that have continued to come into your hospitals. I know this can’t be easy.

I’m sure some days seem unending but please know how many people appreciate everything you do. 

We are doing our best to get our unvaccinated friends and others vaccinated so your admissions can begin to lessen.

You are all angels in my heart, every one of you.

Again thank you!


You are valued! I appreciate your dedication to your career. You will be blessed in ways unexpected. You are such an important part of the big picture to society and here locally we can't do it without you. Thank you for all you do.



Dear Healthcare Workers,

You get up early, miss your evenings, or stay up all night. You skip meals and handle substances most of us don't even want to see. You hold people's hands at their most difficult moments. You put your whole hearts into looking after others. I am grateful for you. I am grateful for your sacrifice, your care for & patience with me & my family over the years, and your compassion for people you've never met. Thank you for persevering.

With utter gratitude,

In West Wichita

Dear Healers in Healthcare,

You are some of the bravest, hardworking, caring, generous, loving human beings that I know of. You helped me through some recent visits to the E.R. and subsequent surgery. I know you are overwhelmed and, yet, still you push on. I don't know what I would have done without your kindness, in all that you are dealing with, as it helped me to feel safe and cared for immensely. Please, know I keep you all in my prayers, my best wishes, my gratitude, and all positive thoughts. It's people like you that give me hope and fill me with awe for knowing such angels of love and care. Stay safe, and know you are so much appreciated!


A Recent Patient

Dear Healers, 

My family and I are so very appreciative of you and the sacrifices you’ve made (and continue to make) for the good of all. I see the pain, the exhaustion, and all the brutal bits of the work you’re doing and want you to know that what you’re giving MATTERS. YOU MATTER. 

You continue to show up for our community even when some have dismissed or disparaged you, because that’s what heroes do. You’re the heroes we clearly don’t deserve. 

With gratitude and hope,

Liz Hamor

Dear Health Professionals,

I truly appreciate all that you do for the community of Wichita and beyond. I know that the last year and a half have been rough, thanks for being tuffer. I will continue To do what I can to support you by following CDC guidelines.

Stay Strong,

Malissa Long

All heath care workers have my gratitude and prayers for God's strength and peace in these very difficult days!!!

A huge thank you!

From a former RN

Dear Healers,

Thank you all so much for your courage, compassion, and determination during these times. Stay safe. You're in our hearts and minds. 


A Grateful Citizen

Dear Healer,

I’ve struggled with what to write here. Thank you doesn’t cover it. Like most people, I’ve been touched a variety of ways by this pandemic. 

More than anything, I want to say thank you for being my role models. I don’t want to lose my humanity and compassion and in today’s environment, it feels like we’re pressured every day to do just that and draw our battle lines. I look to all of you who come to work daily and fight for people who may have mocked you only weeks before — and I see examples of Christ’s love for his fellow human beings. 

So thank you for the work you continue to do. And thank you for holding on to your humanity in a time when it would be easy to  give up. 

Many of us do see you and don’t have the words to thank you. For everything. 

With gratitude,

Stephanie Yeager

Dear Healthcare Warriors,

We always say without our health, we have nothing. Well, you are the guardians of our health. We turn to you for so many of the most momentous events of our lives. You are there for us literally from our births to our deaths. You care for us through frightening accidents and devastating illnesses. We trust you, always, to care for us and those we love the most. You are precious treasures! I wish we could guard you from this pandemic. It is taking so much from you. Thank you so much for your care. Please be well.


Thank you for being there for all of us, even for those who do not believe in viruses or vaccines.  We could not make it without you.


A 65 year old grandmother of little kids

I so appreciate all the health workers! They really try so hard and care so much for people.



Thank you so much for working so hard everyday to make sure others are able to receive the care they need to be safe. You all are superheroes for working so hard everyday. 

-A Grateful Wichitan

A sincere thanks to all ICT nurses!  You have always been a healthcare hero, but especially now in the midst of the ongoing crisis.  Thank you for the sacrifices you make. There are so many of us that are grateful for all you do. Stay strong, stay hopeful, do your best to take care of yourself!

With gratitude,


A heartfelt thank you to everyone in healthcare. Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. I trusted you pre-pandemic and I trust your guidance now. I can’t imagine your struggles, but think of you all, daily. Stay strong!

Your neighbor,


Dear Health Care Heroes,

Thank you for your tireless efforts, endless giving even when you are exhausted beyond words, and for the time spent away from your own families to care for our loved ones. Covid-19 has dealt us all a huge blow, but you keep on showing up. It is appreciated!


A Fellow Wichita Citizen 

Dear Person Reading This Right Now … 

Every day is a beautiful day no matter where you are. The smile you share with the ones you are with means more than most of us realize. So knowing you’ve touched a heart, a spirit by just being here with my loved one today. I am so grateful as I couldn’t be there for my loved ones… Thank you … 

A loved one from afar … 

Dear Friend,

You doing all you do every day. 

Well it means so much. 

Thank you can’t even cover it.

-A friend. 

Thank you! 

With gratitude,

From another retired healthcare provider💗

Thank you for every day you get up and go to work, including when you’d rather not because you are exhausted from the marathon of Covid. Thank you for every person you were kind to, even when you would rather not because they did little to deserve it. Thank you for every time you answered a higher calling, lived with a sense of purpose, and kept going even when you weren’t sure you could. We see you and appreciate you.

Polly Basore Wenzl

I was fighting a bladder infection of MRSA and, about six weeks into the IV antibiotic treatments, I related to my night nurse that this is the first time I thought I might wanna go home. She told me, "Kurt you got Grit. You haven't whined or complained once since you came out of ICU and I've been taking care of you for five days. You'll make it." That was helpful.😎

Thank you,


I want to thank all the caregivers at CCK treatment center. So caring and thoughtful always.

Thank you,

L. Oakley, A Friend always

Dear Healthcare Worker,

I'm so tired tonight - just from everyday life and family stuff. You also have family stuff and ordinary life and yet you show up each day and give your all to look after patients and their families. Realizing that makes my appreciation for you even stronger.

Thank you for being there and doing so much. You *do* make a difference.

Praying for you,

Your neighbor 

Dear Healthcare workers,

Thank you for risking your lives and time with your families in order to keep ours safe and healthy. 

We appreciate all that you do for us.

With gratitude,

A Fellow Wichitan

Hi! In these trying times I just want you to know that you are amazing! Keep grinding, keep showing up, keep doing what you can do. We need you and your awesome-sauce! 


Pastor Kane McEntire

Dear healthcare workers,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. I had covid and was in the hospital in Topeka in September, and came to Select at St Francis in late October to recover. All of my nurses were wonderful. I have a newfound respect for all nursing staff and CNA's. You all are HEROES!! Again, I appreciate you all, and all you do for us!


Thankful to be alive

To our health-care workers putting your lives on hold, your health at risk, and your compassion for others freely, thank-you from the bottom of my heart! I can't imagine how difficult your jobs have been and how unending this pandemic must seem. I can't begin to know the frustration, sadness, and anger that you must feel - Every. Single. Day. Yet, you continue to go back to work, day after day, month after month, fighting for the lives of our loved ones with very little appreciation from the community and country at large. Please know that you are seen, you are appreciated, and you are all Heroes!

With gratitude,


Dear Healthcare Workers,

Thanking God for your gracious contribution to the health and safety of our community.

With gratitude,

Keith French

Dear Healthcare Workers,

Thank you for being so pleasant and helpful in the ED yesterday even though you all were full and busy. I appreciate your making my visit so fast & easy.


A west-sider

Dear Heathcare Workers,

Thank you for always encouraging me. You treat me with kindness and help me feel human. That means a lot.

Thank you,

A patient